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Counter-strike: global offensive the latest release cs:go coming with a brand new interface highly detailed models much more realistic gun control and so many more features. for now youll find that this version of counter-strike is very much different from its past releases the prices and varieties of guns have changed making you much more focused on managing your money panning out your tactics and playing the game more strategically in general.

Counter-strike: global offensive is an improved modernized version of CS 1.6. in fact many of the ordinary maps from cs 1.6 have been re-designed and ported to the new counter strike global offensive release despite the fact that the game is considered new a lot of cs 1.6 or css counter-strike source players will pick it up fairly quickly and get used to it as they go however much has changed and it could take some time to get used to the new and perfected gun control. the community jumped right into it with additional content such as replacements for the gui on the scoreboard menus etc. valve also introduced skins in cs-go which are generally different textures/paintjobs or even types for your weapons or knives. all in all counter-strike global offensive improves on almost every aspect of CS 1.6 or CSS combined.

In addition to counter-strike global offensive being launched on steam for the pc it was also launched on the consoles xbox360 & playstation3 however the game on consoles is much more casual rather than competitive seeing as you can only do so much with a controller as compared to a mouse and a keyboard. in general cs: go is a new and improved version of cs 1.6 thats packed with many features that the community has asked for throughout the past versions of counter-strike and is definitely a high recommendation for players of the older versions of counter-strike or even if youre completely new to fps cs:go is definitely a very good way to approach the genre and we highly recommend it.

On our site you can download the latest version of Counter Strike Global Offensive, either directly from the site or via torrent.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive features:

  • 100% clean rip from Steam game content
  • Include build-in auto updater
  • Working server browser with Internet, Favourite and LAN tabs
  • Working offline mode with bots
  • Compatible with Win: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
  • Full protection against all types of slow hacking servers
  • In game ads are removed
  • Download and Play
About Counter-Strike Global Offensive
About Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Name game: Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Released: 2015
Genre: Action / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: Valve Corporation \ Hidden Path Entertainment
Publisher: Valve Corporation
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License [Steam-Rip]
Language: English
Game modes: Network (Internet, Local Area Network) / Single (bots)
Supported operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1

More recently, the entire world was shocked by the competitive community news that the legendary first person shooter Counter Strike 1.6 this year ends its long, almost fifteen years of existence in the competitive scene. In Early 2013 the year, after the completion of a series of major tournaments by ESL, Asus, Intel and CopGames, future of Counter Strike 1.6 didn't look too gloomy however.

But after the announcement that Valve is almost finalizing its new runner up to the franchise Counter Strike Global Offensive, many organizers tournaments began to refuse to conduct previously scheduled tournaments on cs 1.6. Most of the donors in the face of the leading sponsors, manufacturers of electronics and computer components have opted for a the new version of Counter Strike, thus greatly reducing the chances of seeing Counter Strike 1.6 on all and any major gaming events. Counter Strike 1.6 died. Not without the help of Valve, of course, but it was to happen sooner or later. In time, Counter-strike 1.6 was fully replaced by Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The release in August, 2012 was announced. And CS:GO was up for grabs for a mere 15$ on Steam(PC) and the consoles. For a runner up in such a successful and community active franchise, 15$ seemed slightly high in the beginning, but I'm sure real fans of the older versions of the game did not mind at all, in the end, it's definitely worth it.

Fundamentals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for beginners, Part 1
Fundamentals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for beginners, Part 1

Click to view at full size... Because of DreamHack Winter, the biggest tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and recent reductions in the Steam price for the game, the game will greatly increase its audience and overall population. This guide is intended for beginner players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Main Menu - This is where you pop into as soon as you start the game, you'll see 5 interface selections at the centered top which will be your "Play", "Watch", "Inventory", "Awards", "Options", etc. These are pretty well self-explanatory, you also have the two buttons on either sides of the menu selections, one portrayed as a little house, which is the Home button, to return you to the main screen from wherever you were left off, and the Power off button, to exit the game.


Before you start playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it's recommended to set up your controls to fit your playstyle. Such as the aspect of which hand you want your character to be holding his weapon in, be it right or left, whichever feels more comfortable you choose.

It is also recommended to turn off or at least turn down the music,not only does it prevent you from listening in on sounds of incoming enemies, etc, but it can get quite annoying as you will hear some repetitive music playing over and over, especially in the main menu. Motion Blur will only get in the way of your vision, so it's also recommended to turn that off.

If Counter-Strike:Global offensive seems to be running slow on your system, there are many options that will greatly help you improve the performance of your game, turning down the resolution is also very effective as it doesn't worsen your in-game performance at all, in fact for some a resolution such as 1024x768 greatly helps their playstyle.

Inside the game interface:

The Screenshot to your right, shows you different areas of the interfaced marked in specific colors, here's what they represent: Click to view at full size...

Red - Radar / Minimap
Orange - The current amount of money
Yellow - Chat
Green - The number of hit points and armor
Brown - Players Score and Time
Blue - Loadout / Equipment
Purple - List of eliminations/kills those marked with a red outline represent your participation in that certain kill be it an assist, or a full kill of your own

Game modes:
In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive many informal and community game modes exist, but here we'll list the official ones.
DeathMatch (DM) - Random spawn points for every player across varieties of maps, free weapon selection, and excellent for training and practicing your aim and reaction time.
Arms race (GunGame) - You will start with a certain gun, in a specific gun chain, your goal is to move up the gun chain, for every kill that you get with your gun, the gun will upgrade, whoever reaches the end of the gun chain, and gets a kill with the final weapon, this being the golden knife, will win the game. Killing somebody with your knife, also de-ranks them, giving them the gun they had before upgrading their current one.
Demolition (Demo) - A Basic version of the classic mode, except there is only one bombsite, weapons cannot be bought, and money is not rewarded for killing a player, everyone will start with a knife, and one of the terrorists will start with a c4, anyone getting a kill this round, will spawn with an upgraded gun, much like gun game except the weapons aren't rewarded instantly.
Classic casual - Classic Mode Counter-Strike. If a player dies,he is to spectate until the end of the round until he can get back into the game. Initially the players are given 45 seconds to buy weapons at round start. Weapons move onto the next round only if a player survives. If a player dies, the most expensive weapon, and your last selected grenade will be dropped. Money is rewarded for winning/losing, as well as kills, the amount varies to the weapon you are using, using and SMG for example, gives you a much higher reward such as 600$ for a kill rather than let's say 100$ with the AWP.
Classic Competitive / Matchmaking - Very similar to the classic casual mode, but leaving the game after joining into a competitive match will result in a penalty. This mode is for those who want really competitive play, organized and co-ordinated team tactics are greatly profitable in this mode, and paying attention to your economy is recommended.

Fundamentals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for beginners, Part 2
Fundamentals of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for beginners, Part 2

Click to view at full size...

The screenshot below shows you the inventory system of Counter-Strike: GO, Obtaining skins can be done in various ways, such as opening cases, or getting drops after finishing a competitive matchmaking game or a Vac secured server, drops will be random, in some cases you'll receive a case, or a skin paintjob for a gun at the end of the game, in some you won't. the amount of skins or cases you can receive per week is limited to about 6 or 7 per week, after the week flies past, it resets, and you are able to get upto 6-7 drops again during your playtime, this however does not stack through weeks.

Skins and Cases - fall in Counter Strike Global Offensive only if you play on servers that are protected by VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Cheat Hack Exploit prevention System by Valve.Click to view at full size...
Skins and Cases cannot be dropped during offline play against bots or Insecure servers Not protected by VAC.

At the end of a match, Drops of Cases and skins will appear on the right side of the scoreboard, listing all the drops during that match and who will receive them. Drops that are for you will be highlighted by a yellow outline. The Drop cap (6-7) per week can be increased if you buy an active operation pass.
Operations are essentially Optional DLC for the game that allows you access new maps and get drops for new cases and skins included by this DLC/Operation. Every drop you get will extend the time you have to play for you to receive your next one. After receiving a case, it can be opened using a key that can be bought from the game or the steam marketplace.

Rare skins:

On a drop:

White (Normal) Consumer Class
Blue (unusual) Industrial grade
Navy blue (Rare) Special Military
Purple (mythical) Limited
Pink-purple (Legendary) Secret

In a case:

Blue (Neutral) Special Military
Purple (unusual) Limited
Pink-purple (rarely) Secret
Red (mythical) Mystery
Gold (extremely rare) - ★ (Knives)

Kill count / Stattrak:

Stattrak allows you to track the number of kills you have gotten towards other players (not bots). Stattrak weapons cannot be dropped in a game, and can only be received by either buying on the steam marketplace or opening a case and receiving one.

Skins Quality system:

The new factory - (FN)
Minimum wear - (MW)
Field-tested - (FT)
Worn - (WW)
Battle-hardened - (BS)

Trade up Contracts:

The trade up contract allows you to exchange 10 items of the same grade to receive one of a higher grade, for example. Trading up 10 Blue items, will get you 1 Purple in return, trading up 10 purples will get you 1 pink in return, etc. etc.

How to Change Crosshair Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Custom Crosshair Tutorial
How to Change Crosshair Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Custom Crosshair Tutorial

CS:GO Has already several pre-made options for your cross-hair that you can choose in the Options menu, including the old-school, Counter-strike 1.6 cross-hair style for those who are coming from the earlier games of the franchise. Jumping in with an offline game against harmless bots or no bots at all, and messing around with the crosshair settings in the options screen is recommended, to find a cross-hair that fits you and your play-style.

You can use the console to change the base sight. To do this, You need to use the command cl_crosshairstyle (1 - 5). With the number at the end that you'd like to try going upto 5.

Options sight
The current included settings for the cross-hairs in CS:GO includes:
cl_crosshairstyle (1 - 5)
1st - CS:GO dynamic
2nd - CS:GO static
3rd - 1.6 semi-dynamical (slightly expands when shooting)
4th - 1.6 Dynamic
5th - 1.6 static

You can select one of them as a base for your custom sight / crosshair.

Command to change the sight - Let's look at the console commands you can use to change the size of our crosshair.

cl_crosshairsize (0.5 - 100) - The command for directly changing the size of your crosshair / sight, setting this to 0 will make it as a point / very small circle on your screen.Click to view at full size...
cl_crosshairthickness (0 - 100) - Change the thickness of the crosshair.
cl_crosshairgap (-100 - 100) - with this command, you can change the distance from the edge of the crosshair to the center of your screen, either making it more close up tightened together, or spread apart completly.
cl_crosshairdot (0 - 1) - allows you to disable (0) or enable (1) the circle/point in the center of the crosshair.
cl_crosshairsize (0 - 100) - changes the size of the point.
cl_crosshairusealpha (0 - 1) - allows you to enable (1) or disable (0) the transparency of your crosshair.
cl_crosshairalpha (0 - 255) - adjusts the depth of transparency on the sight,the value you're allowed to set ranges between 0 and 255.

These commands are the main commands to change the size and general appearance of a crosshair.

You're also able to change the color of your sight, the command responsible for this feauture is 'cl_crosshaircolor', After the command you have a variety of colours to choose between:
cl_crosshaircolor 0 = red,
cl_crosshaircolor 1 = green,
cl_crosshaircolor 2 = yellow,
cl_crosshaircolor 3 = blue,
cl_crosshaircolor 4 = cyan,
cl_crosshaircolor 5 = being the "customizable color".

To adjust the color intensity of the crosshair we need to pick three colors: red, green, and blue. And this is done with the command: cl_crosshaircolor_r / g / b (you can choose an intensity value from 0 to 255) More than 255 will result in a stronger color saturation. Premade Colors can also be selected, a simple Google search for 'RGB Colors' and clicking one of the links, you'll surely find a unique color for your crosshair.

Here is an example of a color for a crosshair:

cl_crosshaircolor_r "250" - The prescribed value for the red hue.
cl_crosshaircolor_g "50" - for the color green
cl_crosshaircolor_b "205" - and blue

This will turn your crosshair pink! Thus the way this works, you are able to select a completly unique and customizable color.

But that's not all, in Global offensive, you can still choose the outline around the lines of your crosshair,to do this, type the following in the console: cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0 (disable) / 1 (enabled).

You can also choose the thickness of your outline using cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 0 (outline using shade) / 1 (full border sight).

A personal recommendation from regular players however, would be to jump on into one of the websites designed to help you make out your perfect cross-hair, very easily, such as:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Custom Crosshair Tutorial

These are probably all the basic and simple commands to customize your crosshair.

System Requirements Counter-Strike Global Offensive for gameplay:
Minimum System Requirements:

CPU Processor Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz or higher.
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1.
1 GB of RAM or higher.
Video Card GeForce GT 420 or higher.
Sound card.
Internet Connection.

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU Processor Pentium Dual Core E5700 3GHz or higher.
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1.
2 GB of RAM or higher.
Video Card GeForce GT 630 or higher.
Sound card.
Internet Connection.

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